Danny L. Harle

PC Music / UK

  • Friday 17 19:00 - 20:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Fantasy XXI Pop

A confessed fan of 90s hits like “Rhythm Is A Dancer” (Corona) or “What Is Love?” (Haddaway), Danny L. Harle is one of the most important and popular artists on PC Music, the music and lifestyle revolution created by AG Cook. Harle’s music fits the movement perfectly: naive neon pop melodies, pitched up childlike voices and a homage to genres as reviled as europop; filtered through state of the art production methods and tools. The resulting sound has scandalized purists whilst enthusing an audience seeking fresh sounds and frivolity in contrast to the staid nature of much of today's electronic pop music. Harle’s set at SonarVillage will therefore be an event not to be missed for those craving fun at Sónar by Day, and also those who wish to experience firsthand one of the most unusual phenomena’s in recent music history.

Harle's new EP includes a new version of the much loved banger “Broken Flowers”, and marks the beginning of a collaboration with the multinational label Columbia - a clear indication that PC Music's objectives are to storm the world’s charts in the immediate future. In addition to his promising solo career, the young London producer -son of a saxophonist and himself a former free jazz musician - has launched the Dux Content project together with the movement’s main instigator and his childhood friend, A.G. Cook. He has also remixed the emerging British pop trio Years & Years and revered American musician Panda Bear. His next steps may bring him closer to the world of R&B and who knows; it could even lead to him to collaborate with Nicki Minaj, an artist for whom he has expressed admiration.