Slow Roast / US

  • Saturday 18 02:15 - 03:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub

Turntable wizard

Among the greatest turntablists ever, Craze was the first to make the leap to the big stage and who best knew how to transfer the intricacies of scratching to a successful dance floor sound. Craze knows everything there is to know about the art of DJing. His technique is amazing, virtually unparalleled, but he also possesses other equally important qualities: excellent taste and an innate intuition on exactly what the next record's melody, tempo and style should be. Acting as a thematic bridge between the Skepta and Boys Noize shows at SonarPub, his set on Saturday 18 at Sónar by Night promises to be one of the festival's most spectacular.

Aristh Delgado was born in Nicaragua, but raised in Miami; Craze first began to demonstrate his cross fader scratch skills at a very young age. At 20 he won the first of his three consecutive DMC World Championships titles -the competition for the world's most important djs- and at 23 was named best DJ in America by Time Magazine. In addition to his behind the turntables aptitude, Craze runs his own label, Slow Roast Records; has recorded numerous albums –some with leading figures of hip hop, jungle and turntablism, such as Q-Bert, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Dj Hype-; and in 2008 was selected to perform on Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour. Craze continues to release material (most recently last year's "Baby Gurl EP") and wow audiences around the world with his extraordinary sets encompassing rap, dubstep, Miami bass and any other style he pleases.