Disboot / ES

  • Thursday 16 14:15 - 15:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Emotion, experimentation and dance

Cauto’s comeback is great news for 2016. The Catalan producer has returned from his self imposed exile in Berlin with an abundance of ideas and sounds, which he has slowly cultivated into his new surreally entitled work: “Prova a veure si ets capaç de menjar pedres” (Let’s see if you can eat stones). Due to be released mid-April on Barcelona label Disboot, it is his first full length record in a solo career spanning more than 8 years, and an album into which he has poured all his influences and sonic obsessions. Cauto will not arrive at Sónar alone: he will be accompanied by his childhood friend Dani Guijarro, aka Headbirds, with whom he produces under the C156 pseudonym, and who has also been his long standing partner in crime onstage.

From the combination of his classical and modern childhood education; the influence of techno and hip-hop in his late teens; and the dubstep and breakcore of his young adulthood; emerges the heterogeneous and personal sound of Cauto (Pau Encinas). The Catalan musician continues to search for the perfect balance between emotion, experimentation and dance, both as a producer, live performer (he is an experienced violin player) and through his dj sets. These elements are clearly audible in his releases as C156 (a collaborative project with Headbirds, Dr. Res and The Gardener) and the excellent EPs "Awakening" and "35/8", both tracks which happily reappear on his highly anticipated debut album.