Angel Molina


  • Friday 17 21:30 - 22:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

25 years in the trenches

Extremely versatile and steadfastly committed to his art, 2016 sees Angel Molina celebrate twenty-five years as a DJ. To mark this occasion he will complete yet another chapter in his long and fruitful relationship with Sónar, by taking charge of SonarClub and offering up an extended set before Jean-Michel Jarre's performance on the same stage. It will not only be our birthday gift to him, but also to everyone in the crows.

Angel Molina is a DJ's DJ - One of the few people who lend dignity to the term and to his profession. Aside from his staggering technical skills and exquisite taste, he is also capable of blending an unimaginable quantity of genres in his sets. With an excellent understanding of the importance of performance, Molina often plays around with the concept of the show. His sets are not only dance driven, they are also musical expeditions that question genres, identities and the conventions of an electronic soundscape which he has helped shape since the 90s.