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Friday 14th 18:50h - 19:35h
Sónar by Day - SonarDôme - LIVE
Memories of light
While bRUNA might spend his days surrounded by courtroom books, filing lawsuits and looking out for loopholes, by night he crafts spellbinding electronic pop music, layered with strings, reverb-drenched synths and breathless vocal phrases. Our man from Catalonia releases his second solo LP Thence this year, a collection of emotive melodic tracks that are perfect for soundtracking sunsets on the beach or summer nights on Barcelona's bustling streets. His open-eared approach to music means his favorite elements of French house, indie pop and classical music are all wrapped up in bRUNA's trademark filters and synths, and when he DJs you're as likely to hear Adamski and Yazz as Prefuse and Aphex. There's a certain joie de vivre to bRUNA's music that cuts through the generations, linking kids and grandparents alike in a common sense of wonderment. Strictly legal.



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