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UPF Master's Degree Projects
SonarPro 2012 includes the Sónar exhibition space. This exhibition contains some of the most interesting works related to Pompeu Fabra University, either through the IDEC Master's Degree in Digital Arts, the Music Technology Group doctorate or the Phonos art grant. The works are displayed in the form of interactive installations, and music and sound are central features.

Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June
12 noon - 8 pm
Floor -1 of the CCCB

These are the selected works that will be on display in the exhibition:

U-Beat / Giampaolo Costagliola
A motion sensor for mobile devices that interprets gestures while the user runs or dances to generate musical feedback.
In collaboration with the graphic artist Daniel Gonzales.

Prefall 135 / Aikaterini Antonopoulou, Javier Chavarri and Rodrigo Carvalho
An interactive audiovisual installation that generates sound and graphics using the energy produced by water, which is manipulated by the user using a series of taps.

The EyeHarp / Zacharias Vamvakousis
A musical instrument that uses software to generate sound from the movement of the human eye.

Gengen / Rocío Márquez Salguero, Daniel González Franco and Javier Guajardo Alanis
A musical and visual generative instrument that works using movements performed in the air, captured by a sensor and projected onto a screen.

6DOS - Six Degrees Of Sound / Daniel González Franco
An interactive binaural audio playback system that modifies sound depending on its position.

In collaboration with UPF

Pollywogs by Roland Olbeter
Pollywogs is a sound installation consisting of five robotic instruments that basically play classical music. The installation is designed for developing algorithmic music, but can also perform music that has already been composed through a MIDI sequencer. The precision of the mechanical components and the electronic control means that scales can be played not only with tones and semitones, but also quarter and even eighth tones.

Roland Olbeter is a German artist who has been based in Barcelona for some years. A key name in in the field of robotic engineering and stage design, Olbeter has worked with La Fura dels Baus – on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Barcelona in 1992, among other projects – and with Marcel·lí Antúnez. Among his main personal projects are the creation of "Oikos," one of the themed squares at the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, and his chamber opera "Orlando Furioso!", a concerto for a string quartet, drum and soprano.

Idea and design: Roland Olbeter
Technical direction and development: Carlos Jovellar
Luthier: Christian Konn
Sound Design and Music Adviser: Carlos Fesser, XYZ
Algorithmic software: Urbez Capablo
Robot Control Interface: Mathieu Bosi
Metal fabrication: Gumersindo Martín

The instruments were developed with the help of the German company FESTO, which specializes in industrial automation.